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Futsal, a new era for Mr. Ciampino Futsal for the New Year: Here is Ciampino Futsal

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In the hot summer of football marketBetween one negotiation and another, the workforce of the 16 teams participating in the Series A New Energy 2023/2024. club Via Mura dei FrancesiHowever, it will not be introduced to the revolving starting line exclusively on its own main menu.

from New Year Ciampino Aniene to Ciampino Futsal: the latter, in fact, is the denomination by which the various formations, from the first team to the lower selectors of Cantera, will pay homage to their beloved city of Belbayes. Thus, this change strengthens the bond between the company and the local area. A reason for absolute pride.

The coat of arms has also been changed, the symbol with which the athletes will proudly wear the name Ciampino on their chest: red and blueIn order to maintain the enthusiastic sporting tradition of airports; yellowlike the rays of the sun, shining brightly on the wonderful city; black, to mark the identity of a wonderful family. Finally, theairplaneto continue flying inelite From the game tricolor five-a-side football.

the 3, as you know, is the perfect number par excellence. and the Ciampino Futsal He wants to write his third chapter in the Italian futsal elite in the best way possible.

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