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It was applauded by Switzerland and Canada – RSI Swiss Radio and Television

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The most important test to understand where Switzerland really was at the Finnish World Cup was called Canada, and ours passed in a solid and solid way. Yes, because despite underscoring the final 6-3 defensive focus, it can certainly be improved, with the character of the Fisher boys staying in the tournament and being able to do it themselves truly applauded. Ambulu, who officially entered the game’s legend with 120 World Championship tokens – and his team – is determined to advance to the quarterfinals after Denmark’s victory.

Switzerland enjoyed a crazy first half on the same design track they worked on in the last match against Slovakia. Just after the 3’44 “game, Timo Meyer was actually sentenced to 5 ‘for a bad and naive charge on Ballustra. The challenge canceled the goal. 12’51 “), Kugan looked at Lori with a valuable result from a tight angle. 15’33 “, and finally 9” knocked us out 3-2 from the end of the first half, with Seigenteler leveling again.

The first Swiss advantage came at the start of the mid-season, when in the powerplay Captain Hisher saw a turbulent round at the crossbar of the posts at 26’13, leaving Thompson with a temporary 4-3 chance. Then the second siren went off. Back in the snow with a defensive goal, our team did not fail to close a hedgehog to secure the end, so a good restart resulted in Pius seeing the fifth red – shooter goal in 43’41 – with an unprotected goal by Timo Meyer (58’01 “). The margin of two lengths was extended, he gave us a fifth win in several games, with full points, alone, projecting us as the leader of Group A.

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