Home entertainment From Dr. Dom to Venom, they are all there for BossLogic! Comic-Con ad?

From Dr. Dom to Venom, they are all there for BossLogic! Comic-Con ad?

From Dr. Dom to Venom, they are all there for BossLogic!  Comic-Con ad?

BossLogic has now reached a level of fame with which it has collaborated MCU And other perks. That’s why his new series on potential heroes secret wars It looks very promising, as he will be attending San Diego Comic-Con where many are expecting to see the project announced.

Stage 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe It came to an end and not exactly (perhaps) in the best way, leaving more wounded than survivors in the field, at least in being able to present and then properly develop a concept that seemed gigantic and destined to celebrate the future of the cinematic universe like the multiverse. But now, this hasty introduction may have been (in part) just a passing excuse for staging gigantic variety shows. Crossing between universes Featured in comics.

The most wanted is definitely Secret Wars, a fantastic 2015 comic book written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Esad Rebish, the culmination of years and years of storytelling that began with Hickman’s Sun on the Fantastic Four series. as it happens in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessHickman introduces the concept of “raidIt tells a series of events that lead to catastrophe between universe 616 and the absolute universe of comics. Once these two universes collide, the death doctor He uses a new power to create a parallel reality known as Battleworld, which he begins to rule as God-Doom. Facing him came a handful of heroes from both universes, the survivors of the raid, led by Reed Richards.

Now, a fan of a well-known artist Boss Logic Dedicate to him a long series of illustrations as a personal poster, imagining the old and new characters that we can find in the project, which he would like to sign The Rousseau brothersperhaps the most influential directors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with captain America (winter soldier And the Civil war) And the Avengers (endless war And the game over) and who commented on fan art: you can find them all at the bottom of the article. Note that BossLogic will be attending as a member before the next San Diego Comic ConMarvel Studios will return after three years with her Kevin Feige promises to announce a big upcoming project. Putting the pieces together, not everything that crazy thinks is true Secret wars will be announced for a well-known international event. Do you hope for that? Tell us in the comments!


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