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From Cannes to Turin, Minervini’s “The Damned” in the National Cinema – Watch the trailer – Turin News

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after paul schrader, The protagonist last Wednesday in Cinema MuseumRUberto Minervini: This evening at the National Cinema, one of the heroes of the last Cannes Film Festival arrives in the city to meet the audience in Turin after experiencing the Croisette. The director from the Marche region, who moved to the US some time ago, presents the show at 8.30pm “The Cursed” (tickets €8 and €6, original with Italian subtitles), is in competition in the Un Certain Regard section and was also presented thanks to the contribution of the Turin Piemonte Film Commission.
After some documentaries about the proletariat in the United States, it’s now a historical film about the Civil War, set in 1862. Why this choice?
“For some time I had been thinking about tackling themes that would push me towards fantasy, even if my approach didn’t change. I wanted the actors to own their characters. I chose that historical period because it all started from there, from the need for the United States to impose a strong democracy that would confront the European monarchies. “It is impossible not to think about the divided country today, with the risk of the situation getting worse.”

An important role in the film was played by Fabrizio Nastasi’s Piedmont-based company Imago VFX, through which the entire post-production was carried out.
“Very true, I have to thank him and even more so Natalia Ragusio who took care of the color correction: the work done in Turin was fundamental. Thanks to Imago and the institutions of course, but I would like to emphasize that the spirit of the authorship was shared with Fabrizio and Natalia: it was complete and had never happened to me before In my career we have all put ourselves deeply at the service of the vision, analyzing every shot of the film: something happened, the highest moment of my life in cinema was in post-production.

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At the beginning of the film, in the opening credits, it is surprising to read the name of the comedian Teresa Mannino, whom we appreciated at the Sanremo Festival and in her stage shows, among the producers: How did it happen??
“I have known Teresa for years, and perhaps what unites us is our comedic streak: my works are amateurish, which hide but also allow me to tackle jobs with a certain intensity. The presence of irony and self-irony in my sector is essential. Teresa is an intellectual, a refined person and a connoisseur of cinema: when this possibility appeared, “With the work already starting, I decided to join the game. We’ve been talking about it for years, and it’s finally happening.”

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