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Confassociazioni: Ribbon cutting for Confassociazioni Canada. President Diana, “a bridge to strengthen Italian-Canadian relations”

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A part of Confassociazioni Canada, the new overseas branch of Confassociazioni, The National Federation Under the leadership of Angelo Teiana, there are 740 companies and more than one million and 260 thousand professionals and more than 213 thousand companies in Italy. The newly created Canadian delegation of Confassociazioni aims to strengthen the relations between the two countries in conjunction with Italian-Canadian realities operating in the commercial, manufacturing and cultural sectors.

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President Diana noted: “We have added Canada to the list of our foreign representatives already established in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Spain. North America offers many opportunities for Italian companies. The relations between Italy and Canada have always been very close and beneficial to both countries. We are confident that we can strengthen further. Deyana recalls: “Our natural predisposition to build bridges with national and international realities, eliminating geographical distances and expanding opportunities for mental, professional and human flow, gives our partners the opportunity to see 360 ​​degrees”.

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Simone Billi, Lega deputy elected in the Foreign Constituency, member of the Montecitorio Foreign Commission and member of the Italian Parliamentary Committee for the Council of Europe, spoke at the presentation press conference. “This is a significant result for Italian exports and ‘Made in Italy’. An important flywheel that allows us to position our country abroad”. Paolo Quattrocchi, President of Confassociazioni Canada, said, “Great opportunity for Italian companies not only in the traditional food and beverage sector, but also in the manufacturing, mining and energy and infrastructure sectors. ” has the task of underlining. Not forgetting “high technology, scientific research and culture. All areas of excellence in Italy can come together and contribute to the development of their respective economies.

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Confassociazioni: Ribbon cutting for Confassociazioni Canada.  President Diana, "A bridge to strengthen Italian-Canadian relations"
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The positive experience of Confassociazioni UK was brought by its president Stefano Bottordi. It affirms, “the commitment to consolidating the presence of Italian professionals worldwide. We are ready to actively collaborate with Confassociazioni Canada, sharing knowledge and best practices, to further strengthen the association system internationally”. According to Gianni Lattanzio, president of Confassociazioni International, “the presence of a well-rooted Italian community in Canada, an active part of the political, cultural and economic system”, is “an operational prerequisite” that creates the “necessary integration”. Promoting traditional Italian culture and made in Italy.

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