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Free petrol with a cartoon trick: Hundreds of liters stolen in this way

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With this trick, you no longer pay for fuel (web)

In recent months, we have all been faced with the problem of high prices for the fuel that we usually use for our cars. In fact, anyone who goes to the petrol pump will notice how higher fuel prices directly affect our pockets. However, using this trick, you can fill it all out for free and many have already used it…

As experienced motorists, we know very well that the costs associated with our cars have risen inexorably in recent years. In fact, due to such a phenomenon as inflation, the price of practically any type of commodity has experienced a significant increase.

This also applies to all services and goods related to the use of our vehicle, which has increased the costs of maintaining and using our vehicles at prices that have never been seen before. To deal with the situation, many have begun to think of solutions to be able to save money on every kilometer traveled, but there is not much to be done if the increases are between 10 and 12% in recent months.

At this point, someone gave vent to their creativity and put together such a trick with which they were able to recover several liters of fuel completely free of charge.

Here’s the trick to get free gas that you won’t believe

One thing is for sure, people in our country certainly have no qualms about finding loopholes in the system that actually allow them not to pay a single penny when there is shopping to be done. These people seem intent on developing these methods simply to deceive others in order to benefit themselves or personally.

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In this particular case, the perpetrator embarked on this experiment, which succeeded several times. In fact, the man was able to complete two full tanks for his car simply using this method.

Sneaker pinched after two consecutive fulls (web)

Indeed, when going to the petrol pump when no one was there, the man inserted a piece of cardboard into the slot from which the receipts were printed, effectively preventing spillage.

In this way, whenever there is a problem for the customer on duty who for some reason was unable to dispense the fuel as usual, he prints a receipt, however, the customer cannot receive it because of the piece of carton. At this point, the man returned to the machine a few hours later, removed the piece of cardboard, confiscated all the receipts accumulated over time, and went to collect it for his personal use.

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