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Forte dei Marmi wins 7-3 and stays in second place – OA Sport

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Completed with deferred between GDS Impianti Forte dei Marmi and bidil Correggio the nineteenth day of Serie A hockey rink 2022where the Tuscan team opened the score a few seconds later, thanks to Domenico Illutsi.

At this point, Forte corrected two blue cards and gave the opportunity to tie at 4′ with Gabriel Tudela, while falling even two laps later with Diego Casare. Before the break, the Tuscans made up for it, and flipped after Marc Gawal’s brace.

Absolutely one-way shooting. Complete Ilozi’s hat-trick, then Pedro Gil and Giacomo Marimani They almost concluded the match, before Enrico Zucciati’s goal ended the match 7-3 in favor of Forte dei Marmi.

Updated ranking

46 – plastic solution
35- Praise the amateurs
Oberker Bassano 35
Galileo Volonica 32
Injas Vercelli 26
Sarzana Innovation Scope 26
Edelfox Grosto 26
Why Sport Valdagno 23
19- Cast iron industry
Sandrigo Medical 11
HP Matera 0

Photo: FISR / Vincenzo Biagini

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