May 30, 2023

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Starfield will officially become “Starfield” from June, with the registered trademark –

Even though we’ve been talking about it for four years now, trade mark From starfield will become Officially only as of June 2022The registration with official trademark recognition will only be completed as of next month.

Not that it’s changing much at this point, but it is clear that until now there has been a possibility, for any other company or private individual, to have the Starfield name registered in the prototypical form. circular logo For its different space game, which would provoke a very strange situation.

Starfield, the logo will be official from next month

Moreover, it will not be a new problem in the world of video games, as evidenced by the case of Ubisoft forced to change the name of Gods & Monsters in Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Thus the Starfield trademark will have legal value, as a registered trademark, starting from June 14, 2022. The Starfield name was previously registered, but this new development appears to be related not only to the name but also to the composition of the logo with the circular design and font used, which will likely be key in terms of promotion related to the game.

Meanwhile, Starfield has been pushed back to 2023, so he will not be able to appear on November 11, 2022, which has sparked a huge string of controversy from fans (and not only). Either way, the game will most likely be shown at Xbox & Bethesda on June 12.

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