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Former opinion broadcaster Virginia Sangest of Teulada was found guilty of extorting money from her grandmother

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Virginia Sangest de Teulada was sentenced to one year and five months in prison for attempting to extort money from her grandmother, actress Antonella Lewaldi.

Former rai announcer Virginia Sangest of Teulada She was sentenced to one year and five months in prison for attempting to extort money from her actress grandmother Antonella for my parents. According to what prosecutors have reconstructed, Sangest would have threatened her relative to destroy her home if she did not agree to the request to turn over her money.

Ex-anchor’s threat to grandmother: “Give me the money or I’ll destroy your house.”

The disputed facts date back to March 8, 2020. Virginia was at her grandmother’s apartment in Ponte Milvio, Rome and there she allegedly threatened the old woman: “Give me the money, or I’ll ruin everything.” And he did it after the actress’s disapproval: a ruined house, ruined lamps and windows, paintings lying on the floor.

Then Antonella summoned the parents of the agents of the Ponte Milvio police station, Corriere della Sera reports. The woman told the cops that her niece had indeed experienced disorganized reactions on other occasions, but had never been violent. At the end of April 2020, the investigating judge ordered house arrest in a nursing home for the former face of Rai. Today came a sentence of one year and five months in prison over 45 years.

She has been accused of stalking in the past

According to what has been known, Virginia Sangest was accused in the past of stalking a man she was dating. He would have threatened, insulted, and persecuted the latter. Even on one occasion he would attempt to enter his home without permission, breaking the window pane of the house. On another occasion, he also requested the intervention of the fire brigade to open the door of the ex-husband’s apartment.

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