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Crazy Friday, here’s the sequel! Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are back

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Tess and Anna Coleman I’m ready to go back! For months now there have been rumors of a possible sequel Crazy Fridaya cult film of the early 2000s with Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsey LohanBut now the official confirmation has arrived.

According to what was stated diverseTwenty years later, a new movie about… Freaky Friday, in which a mother and daughter are magically reunited in each other’s bodies. This, of course, led to a series of amusing situations and misunderstandings and set both of them on a path to being able to better understand what it means to be literally in each other’s shoes.

The 2003 film was based on A.J 1972 novel written by Mary Rodgers which previously had two more modifications: the first in 1976, with Barbara Harris And Jodie Fosterand the second in 1995 with Shelley Long And Gabe Hoffman. The Curtis-Lohan couple episode proved to be a box office hit with over $160 million in receipts.

Only the two great heroes are currently waiting for the sequel In development at DisneyIt is not clear at the moment if they will play the film’s protagonists again, but according to sources, their presence is not in doubt. In February, it was Jamie Lee Curtis herself who opened the doors for a potential comeback, as she shared a photo with Lindsay Lohan and wrote: «It’s Friday, that’s all I’m saying! Fingers crossed».

Later, he followed up the rumors by confirming that something was indeed boiling in the pot. Now it seems there are no more doubts: the new Oscar winner for Everything everywhere at once And the iconic actress of the early 2000s will bring her team back up in the sequel to Crazy Friday!

what do you think? Are you happy to find them in such a cult comedy? Tell us about yours, as always, in the comments.

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