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Ford Fiesta: Here’s the story of her dreams

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End of an era – “Since 1976, Ford Fiesta She has accompanied us through the big and small moments and was present in all the early times. Currently […] It’s time to say thank you… and sweet dreams. Play Fiesta A essential role In the history of Ford to date. But when one season ends, another begins.” With this short message accompanying an equally short but romantic video, Ford says goodbye to Fiesta. As we expected a few days ago reporting the latest rumors (over here news), so it is official news that the blue oval mini car is very popular will come out forever of the product at summer 2023.

“Small” is loved by everyone – For a few years it is no longer at the top of the sales charts in Europe and the UK, the Ford Fiesta it’s spring The Shining Victim From the increasingly aggressive ascent to compact crossovers, they are now preferred for cruising around the city by the majority of motorists on the Old Continent. with him final retirement An unrepeated era is ending not just for Ford, but for the entire city car segment: at 46 years old, the American sub-decade has become, Born 1976 From the pencil of Tom Tjarda and developed over seven generations, it has been chosen by more than 15 million motorists. A success that deserves to be said from start to finish, in honor of a wonderful little car that has always been a hero on our roads and will surely remain forever in the hearts of many Italians.

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