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For travel to Canada you should contact eTA: Whom

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Returning to travel after two years of infection with limited travel is fantastic. Travel between neighboring municipalities is limited if any type of travel is completely interrupted, from transfers to intercontinental transfers. Now, on the other hand, we begin to select destinations, evaluate trips, and imagine destinations, but … we have to be careful. Focus on what? When determining a destination – be it an exotic, hiking or distant city – continuous documentation is required, or used. In addition to health care, which has become essential, there is appointment or bureaucracy. Visas, Permits, Passports: All the essentials to avoid arriving at the airport, see your trip disappear due to bureaucratic harassment. Therefore, those who manage to free themselves from paperwork or in countries such as Canada are required to return to the visa agency to apply for the required eTA.

Canada: Untouched natural and breathtaking landscapes

With the globe in front of you, you may be wondering: is this the best European capital or tropical beach? A rock wall, perhaps a mountain to climb or an infinite park inhabited by unknown or almost unknown animals? Those who like to dive in the green and enjoy the untouched nature can choose places like Canada, which offers many opportunities.

In short, Canada offers places like the Rocky Mountains, ski resorts for those who love winter sports, as well as cities divided between the Anglo-Saxon and French worlds of Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary that dominate most travel plans. Not to mention popular destinations like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Québec City. Little Travel and the North is known for something truly unique: the north of Canada offers the opportunity to admire incredible animals such as polar bears. Even fans of the occult world can satisfy their curiosity because the first landing site for UFOs is in St. Paul, Alberta, USA. Not to mention Niagara Falls, which is worth a visit.

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It is also important to find the right time to travel to Canada: we often choose the end of spring, between April and June, and the beginning of autumn, between September and October. Conversely, in terms of choosing to stay in the city, Quebec City is appreciated from June to August or between January and February; Ottawa and Montreal are wonderful in the winter, especially for those who love blades in the snow The capital has the longest ice rink in the world.

ETA exists and what it is for

If you choose to travel abroad – in Canada in this case – it is a good idea to contact a specialist company that deals with visas and eTAs.

This way you can avoid going between revenue stamps, consulates and stamps. Considered a waste of useless time, the constant demands that most people hate.

As mentioned by Visti.itVisa application procedures are often complicated, embassies are difficult to find and application forms are unnecessarily complicated.

That is why the agency helps Italian clients to facilitate all these procedures, this site provides all the implications in our language “and clearly provides all the information and explanations about the rules for obtaining visas and the procedures for obtaining them. Indicates that it is simply necessary to board a plane.

In fact, you do not have to do anything other than position yourself in front of the PC and send what you need. We provide simple application forms for each type of visa, with automatic error detection and a clear description of each entry point.

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Another important point: if the Canadian airport is a stage of a technical shutdown, the documents serve as eTA, as clearly explained here.

For example, what if you have a problem while staying? still serves as a reference point even after simply following the formalities of entering the US. In fact, the platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone or email, with services provided to travelers facing difficulties.

Once we receive the eTA document, we will personally verify that it is compliant and complete and then send it to the Embassy or Qualified Immigration Department.

Thanks to this, the procedures for obtaining a visa and eTA for Canada run quickly and smoothly, and our customers rate us with an average of 9.3. .

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