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Football, Sira’s rules: “He who says his heart is a flannel can prove it to us”

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Football, Cera Rules:

We will not give up. No one has been asked to downsize, but the players who have been asked to stay at Fanfulla are being asked to tangibly show their pride by wearing this fantastic shirt.” As usual, the message of Vito Serra, the new sporting director of Juventus, is clear. These days, every afternoon, in market negotiations, I have been in constant contact with President Luigi Barbate and Chief Technical Officer Virginio Gandini. In viale Pavia, no one will give their side to rookie games: «We are serious people – Cera asserts – accustomed to keeping promises. For twenty years, Barbate has proven that he implements serious projects without going crazy. Like the ones that will be the basis for Finvola for the 2022/2023 season. Whoever claims these colors in their hearts, when he is called to give an interview, he shows them in deeds and not in words.”

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