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Football: Serie A relegates in the Metaverse region with AC Milan – Fiorentina – Lombardy

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The First World League, living in the Middle East and North Africa

(ANSA) – MILAN, April 30 – Serie A relegation at Metaverse: On the occasion of Milan – Fiorentina, exclusively in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, it will be possible to watch the match inside the Liga Serie room A room exists In the Metaverse of The Nemesis, Serie A Football League becomes the first football league to broadcast a match, thanks to Tim and collaboration with ConsenSys and The Nemesis.

Milan and Fiorentina will be the first two squads to face each other in a metaverse match, where users will be able to interact with different features in the room during the match.

“We chose to be the first to broadcast a football match in the Metaverse because we consider the limits of technological innovation to be fatal for a modern league like Serie A – Serie A director Luigi Di Servo – announced. The Middle East and North Africa .. represent a strategic region for us. Because of the dominant presence of Generation Z and their particular receptiveness to novelties.

Thus continues the process that began with the issuance of the first NFT in May 2021 and continued with the establishment of the International Broadcasting Center in Lissone. We thank Tim and The Nemesis for their collaboration in achieving this prestigious goal.” (ANSA).

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