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Football Second Division: Adriese returns to victory and defeats Delta – Sports – Football

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Rovigo, February 28, 2022 – Victory and defeat for the two by Dr.Adriese, who, having fallen with a goal at home against Montebelluna, turned it around in the second half with two goals from Gio and Casilla. Nothing you do for delta Defeated 1-0 at home at home to leader Arsenano Valciampo.

In Adria, it was a very strong match for Roberto Vechiato’s team against Treviso team from Montebelluna. Enhanced three points and fifth place in the standings. At 2′ Gioè, on a side foul from Addolori, he turns into the area, kicks, but the ball goes out high over the bar. Nice exchange between Aduluri and Shikarevich, with the first player reaching the area and dumping him towards the goal, but the ball ends outside. In the 16th minute, Adolori crossed in the center of the area and Bonito barely managed to hit the ball to close the net. Soon after making another grenade with Costa who changed his style with Cicarevic, he put him in Gioè, which Bonato was expecting. Gioè back at 22′ warmed up from Maniero, but the ball is long and easy prey for the opposing goalkeeper. Adolori is still on the left at 28 minutes in the middle but no one has hit the ball. Two minutes later, Guyi is at Sikarvic’s foot, and Bonato waits for everyone and re-launches his team.

In the 34th minute, a penalty kick to Montebelluna. Abdali goes from the penalty spot and defeats Barzan on the left.
In the second half, Adriese claimed the high quality of their team. At 13′ cross from Maniero a shot from Cicarevic and the ball in the hands of Bonato. Montebelluna closes to defend himself and Adriese is forced to press to search for spaces. At 33′ Casilla’s exciting cross crosses the barrier but finds wood to deprive him of the joy of goal. Immediately after the Gioè draw. Cross in the middle and this time the bomb striker did nothing wrong by defeating Bonato on the left. At 40′ Rosso almost took the shot from outside the penalty area as Bonato achieved a real miracle by stopping the ball on the crossbar. Another miracle, Bonato exited from Casella’s cross in the 44th minute. At the end, the winning goal arrived with Casella, who hit the ball with a free kick at the intersection of the two posts.

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Enrico Ghirardi’s Delta Porto Tolli team questioned the good performance against leaders Arznano, but was punished with a goal from Forte in the 11th minute of the second half.
Porto Tol who is still in the playing area with 24 points. Adriese who is fifth, the latter is useful in qualifying.
Rovigodrops to first place in the standings in first category Only a week later. David Bezo’s formation against La Roca Moncelles fell 1-0 in the first half (a goal from Favale). In the second half, 10 minutes remained due to the expulsion of Maseiro, but he did not give up and arrived at Paduan at the end with a goal from Zaghi.
The surprise result of Group E is a tieunion face Stopped at 1-1 by the tactical organization for Granzette Coach: Sandro Tessarin: A draw for Granzitieri from Rovigo, who knows victory given the difference between the two teams. Rovigo is second, one point behind the new leaders of Solicenez.

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