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Football promotion qualifiers: Gambitola beat Misano (1-2)

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SS Misano – Gambitola: 1-2

SS Misano: Pontet, Sanchez, Tonini, Antonietti, Malpassi (7 ‘st Fabbri), Londero, Nigro (47’ st Signorini), Semprini, Gravina, Bardeggia (18 ‘st Chiusano), Santoni. Available: Preciado, Pratelli, Senior, Peroni, Como. Coach: Fernando de Arguilla.
Gambitola: Barducci, Alberighi, Rigoni, Khayat, Marconi, Severi, Spadaro (40′ st Zavatta), Gadda, Vukaj (25′ st Esposito), Capellini, Tani (32′ st Biasetti). Available: Ambrosini, Tasinari, Kamag, Savini, Cassotti, Faggi. Coach: Federico Frischi.

Terna Arbitration: a.Gianluca Andreoli (Bologna Department), Mr. Andrea Belotti (Bologna Department), Mr. Francesco Manfredi (Bologna Department).

Networks: 23′ pt Santoni (MIS), 35′ pt Spadaro, 22′ Saint Cappellini on rig.
ammonites: Malpassi (MIS), Londero (MIS), Tani, Vukaj, Sanchez (MIS), Antonietti (MIS), Marconi.
Disqualified: Tonini (MIS) on 21st Street.

Misano Adriatico In Santamonica Misano and Gambitola return to face each other, with their passage to the final with the second in the division, Torconca, on the verge of victories.

Surprisingly, Misano starts and leads Gravina in the 6th minute to a skewed shot from a corner kick. At twelve, Santoni warms his foot, trying from a distance of thirty meters but finds Bardoshi attentive and refuses in flight. The visitors’ first dangerous chance didn’t arrive until twenty minutes later, with Tani firing in from a corner kick but finding Pontet ready. In the middle of the first part of the match, Santoni puts a direct free kick from the middle of the field, Bardoshi ahead and puts the Oulad de Arguila ahead.
But the joy of Misanez lasted only about ten minutes, in the 35th minute Focage crossed from the left for Spadaro, who predicted opponents, defenders and bags. Gambitola keeps pushing and becomes dangerous again as Foukaj shoots in from outside but his shot is weak. A few minutes into the first half, Gravina had the opportunity to put his side forward, intercepting a risky backward pass by the host’s defense and throwing himself into the goal, but his attempt and subsequent attempts by Bardiggia and Santoni were incredibly impressive. rebounded.

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In the second half, Gambitola entered the field aggressively in search of a goal and they began to show some good play. The episode that inevitably changed the match arrives at 22 minutes, when Spadaro receives the penalty area and is illegally obstructed by Tonini, a penalty kick and a red card for the young local full-back. Capellini appears immediately and causes Pontet to be slapped coldly. The ten-man Misano no longer seemed to have the strength to make up for it, only upsetting the host’s defense in the 32nd minute by turning Londero into a nice vertical for Chiusano, whose conclusion found Barducci’s arms. Gambettola before the end of the match also has the ball to stretch, but Pontet is very adept at hypnotizing Spadaro and averting disaster.

Santoni’s magic is not enough in Misano, he will face Gambitola Turconca in the final.

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