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Five-a-side football ends with a score of 3-3 in Schio: only one point for the pluceleste

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Match of “Hit and Answer” at AltoVicentino

After contracting with Matabone and Espinola, Yamol establishes the equalizer, 48 seconds before the final whistle

leco – Today’s match between Lico Five and AltoVicentino ended with a score of 3-3: The locusts go home with only one point in their pocket, having recovered the hosts only 48 seconds from the end of the match. The meeting is valid for Day 5 of Group A of Serie A2at the Venetian team stadium in Sceu.

A tough departure for the sons of Mr. Pablo Barilla, who gave Juanfran a 1-0 goal in the 3rd minute from the center of the area. Sanchez and Matabone are trying to recover and get dangerously close He will be the last to sign 1-1 After the first tackle by the opposing goalkeeper, a whistle. Lecco pays, but thanks to the unprecedented performance of the captain and goalkeeper, he goes to rest in a tie.

The recovery starts well for Blucelesti, who flip the score thanks to a Kick the ball into the net by EspinolaHarting served him. Having found the advantage, Leko touched the trio with Viri and Matabone, but he hit a free kick from Pereira. Dexterity by Sanchez gives the opposing team 3-2, which in 15 minutes hits the gap with the expert lion.

Barilla goalkeeper tries to move h 48 seconds after the end, Yamoul sends the match to the archive at 3-3. On Wednesday evening, Lecco will return to the pitch to face Milan in the only match valid for the round of 32 of the Divisional Cup.

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