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Football Promotion Championship – Junior Calcio Pontistura Away vs Atlético Torino

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Show day 9 – in Turin without fear

On the ninth day of the promotion tournament, Junior Calcio Pontestura proposes to move Torino, in the Atletico home of Vincenzo Piazzoli. The Savoy Association, whose matches are played on the synthetic pitch at the Passo Pole Sports Center in Mirafiori, has scored 12 points so far. Three wins, three draws and two defeats, eleven goals scored and ten conceded. More than a good balance, victory in the first knockout rounds of the Coppa Italia must be added to it. But let’s go in order. In the regular season, yellow and blue debuted with an inside knockout (2-3) by Pastorfrigor. External draws with Novese and Arquatese, punctuated by zero success on Gaviese, immediately boosted the rankings. Co at home with Pozumanina (0-1), drew in Alessandria with Asuka and won 2-1 with San Giacomo Cherry. In the last round, Atletico Torino played away from home with Pepe Viola receiving a valuable 2-1 goal that put him fifth in the standings, in the middle of the playoff zone.

They said about the Italian Cup. The first round passed at the expense of Beppe Viola Calcio. From zero to zero at home, success is two to one away. With Trofarello, Infantino and his teammates tied (0-0) and won 4-0. On Thursday 27 October, in the first leg of the second round, Atletico were defeated in a comeback (1-2) by Pastorfrigor Stay, and the synthetic “Bianchi” team is scheduled to return on Wednesday 9 November.

The company headed by Angelo Sodano was born in 2005 and in the past 10 years it has been navigating between excellence and merchandising. From the 2019-20 season until the last, Turin is in excellence, a category that saw them in the Army also in 2017-18 and in 2013-14. 2021-22 was one of the most agonizing years. Relegation to promotion came at the end of a tournament played with a “team” made up of Millennials (with a few exceptions). Seven points in 32 matches, with two wins, one draw and 29 defeats; He scored 20 goals and conceded 152 goals. The club’s recent history says that Atlético has everything to return to excellence soon. In this first part of the tournament, Mr. Piazzoli’s new team had to blend in, but he didn’t lose the balance necessary to stay in the game for the full 90 minutes. It would be a complicated away match for JCP, but at this point it was no longer possible to make a difference with the opponents. You’ll have to play to always move the rankings! The victory over Trovarello gave the group morale, but that was no accident. Eight days ago, at the Paris Saint-Germain stadium, Bellingerie’s players deserved all three points. Being ten for 40 minutes prevented JCP from playing on par with Maurizio Calamita’s side. If we take a look at the standings, we can’t help but notice how PSG gained momentum precisely from that 3-2 against Junior. At altitude 11 today there could also be a rocker and buddies and that wouldn’t be blasphemy. The game with Trofarello emphasized the growth of youngsters such as Siragosa, Tommasi, Bianco and Vedovato, but also highlighted the qualities of people such as Roccia, Torrau and Iacomussi. And if Amin plays at these levels, then anything is possible. With the return of the injured, JCP can only improve in every respect.

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The match will start at 3:00 pm at the request of the host team. Missed in the ranks of Atletico, Luigi Palmier, interrupted for a role by the sports judge.

Atletico Turin: Busato, Massa, Rizzitano, Palmiere, Infantino (Cap.), Pacelli, Badji, Barbati, Capobianco, Di Vanno, Pozzana, Grande, Costamagna, Rongioletti, Nita, La Rosa, Ferro, Fascio, Tine, Onjefu, Musio, Talamo . All: Biazoli-Scognamelio.

Next round (06-11-2022): Gaviese-Pozzomaina; Calcio Novesi Aska AL; Castellazzo Baby Viola Calcio; Atletico Torino – JCP; Pastorfrigor – San Giacomo Cherry; Trovarello Velezano Paris Saint-Germain – Ovades Valencia Mado Arcoatese.

classification: Valenzana Mado 20, Pastorfrigor 19, Ovades 18, Trofarello 15, Atlético Torino 12, PSG, Castelazzo 11, Pozomaina, Javes 10, Asca AL, Baby Viola Calcio, JCB 9, Velizano, Calcio Novesi 7, Arcoates 6, San Giacomo Cherry 4 .

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