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Football, Premier League. Cannavaro: Chiellini is better than Stones and Maguire

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Are English defenders really that strong? Not according to Fabio Cannavaro. In an interview with The Sun, the former captain of 2006 world champions Italy compared Britain’s Stones and Maguire’s power plants to Giorgio Chiellini: “They both know how to play football, defend well and fear no one. They are reference points, respectively for Manchester City and Manchester United, and there is no doubt that they are the best English defenders. When things get tough, they take responsibility and are not afraid to try new things, but Chiellini is still He embodies the spirit of the Italian defender and this level of concentration is required to stop a striker in a difficult moment.”

Evil Giorgio

“Maguire and the Stones play a completely different kind of football and at times they may lack the ‘filth’ of Giorgio. In Italy it is said that top strikers sell tickets but top defenders win matches.”

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Italian League vs Premier League

“The first division was the best. Every team had top players, there were seven or eight clubs with the strongest players in the world. Even when you were playing against the so-called juniors, you faced players from their national teams. Today there are players in the Premier League .. elite Great players and coaches, but in terms of the quality of the teams, the Italian League was superior.”

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