October 1, 2023

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Football: Parma. Krause, a new stadium? Also important for the region – football

(ANSA) – VILLINO, DECEMBER 12 – “The relationship with the fans is fundamental, the fans are one of the most fundamental aspects of Parma”: During the evening organized by Parma Calcio and dedicated to the sponsors and partners of the Crusader club in Villino Castle, President Kyle Krause analyzes the current state of the club and the Gialoblio project .

“With the qualities we have, we can be in a better position – emphasized Krause – it reassures me knowing we have good talent and then there is always a transfer market to take advantage of, but we have a good background. In this case but Serie A is tough, like Serie A The important thing is to keep improving.”

“Our long-term project – added the Parma president – will take several years for the project we have in mind to fully materialize.

One of the main objectives of the project is to integrate young talents through the academy so that they can reach the first team. Adequate structures are needed for this to happen.

So part of the project is to strengthen the structures available to young people.”

Krause stressed that “there is some frustration in the stadium because of what happened. The idea is to use the stadium not only for matches but on a daily basis. We have not yet received from the authorities the answers required by law. At least 120 days ago. The project continues, we must understand how to overcome The predicament holding us back, remembering that the project is important for the city as well as the region. Having a stadium that can also be used by families is one of the elements necessary for success in the world of football.” The president of Parma indicated that “the new stadium can generate more profits that can be invested in the team.” (Dealing).

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