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Football – No goal scored in 990 minutes (11 matches): Giacomo Rossi beats Buffon’s unbeaten record.

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A new record in the city. Who is not defeated? Belongs to Gianluigi Buffon Who managed in the 2015-2016 season not to concede any goals in the league in his favour 973 minutes with a shirt Juventus. Buffon also entered Serie A history with this record, and managed to beat the previous one Sebastiano Rossi That lasted for years and years (929, with Milan). But now, there is a new one man record, even if we are talking about the Tuscan Championship of the first category. And let’s talk about it Giacomo Rossi, Goalkeeper Geothermal, a team of Pomarans from the province of Pisa. In fact, the geothermal team brings together three villages belonging to the municipality: Montecarpoli, Sirazano and Lardello. The sites that made history thanks to the performance of Rossi and the whole team leads their group with 29 points out of 33 available, without conceding any goal, thus winning the title of ‘Winter Champion’ with a day in advance.

Defeat Buffon? He is my idol…

He’s beautiful besides being my idol. So I can’t ask for anything else. We are a beautiful group, aware of their strength, and now we are enjoying this moment together. After the match, we had a party to celebrate this record and there was a lot of enthusiasm for what we were doing. [Giacomo Rossi a FanPage]


Buffon: “Juventus is on a landing flight, and Italy cannot be without the World Cup”

29/11/2021 A 01:30

e Buffon Wasting no time, he gave all his compliments to the Tuscany goalkeeper…

register? I thought about the last game a little more

There was great anticipation and raising your hands to heaven was a gesture of liberation for me and everyone else. I’d like to get to a thousand or two thousand minutes, because that means we don’t get any target. But sooner or later it will end. I have to say I didn’t think about it until the previous Sunday and had I had a goal I wouldn’t have cared, but the last time I wouldn’t have grasped it. I thought about it a little more for many reasons, but it went well

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Two workouts per week

We train twice a week. A truck with other guys leaves from Livorno to go to practice and we come back late in the evening. I want to continue until I am 40

Was there a Winter Champion title party?

Christmas dinner was planned, but the boss said if we won without compromising, we’d go to dinner and he’d do everything himself. We are a good group and we are good together

In fact, the Geothermal He is ranked first in his group with 29 points in 11 matches. The result is 9 wins, 2 draws, 22 goals and 0 nets. Now there is a Christmas holiday, but when you come back, there will be a game against her right away. Massa Valpiana And who, in turn, wants first place.

And now the Scudetto challenge with Massa Valpiana

We’re aiming for the jump, but it’s not easy. We’re in good shape, given we’ve got 4 points per second, but there’s a Massa Valpiana which is a battleship like us and it would be fate that the showdown was on the last day on the calendar.

Buffon: “To be strong I need motivation: Parma is the right choice”


Buffon: “Juventus Sarri was humiliating, Pirlo did not fail”

11/23/2021 A 08:33

B . series

Buffon, delineated 26 years ago: “One day they will study the history of Parma and …”

11/19/2021 A 11:21

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