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Calcio’s book, Historical Baracca Lugo by Zaccheroni, became a book

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“Baraka, what years are those yearsIt is the title of a book’s story Doriano Tamborini Which traces the best years of football in Lugo, those who lived with the management of Alessandro Galli, along with Rino Melandri and Primo Guidani, and the technical mentor of Alberto Zaccheroni, but not only. The volume published by Tempo al Libro It will be presented on Wednesday May 4th from 8:30 pm In the Estense Hall in Rocca di LugoIn the presence of the author and many lifelong friends.

An evening that will give many Lughesi and fans a nice dip into the past, recalling the splendor of the colors of the Bianconeri, in the presence of the Mayor of Lugo David Ranalli The deputy mayor Pascual MontaltiAs well as a large group of players who wore the Dancing Horse shirt between the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties, in a moment of greatness for Logis Club.

Guest of honor, eagerly awaited at Lugo, sir Alberto Zaccheroni That right off the bench at Barcelona, ​​who led him from 1988 to 1990 and contributed to the promotion to Serie C1, then launched a career at the highest level. Bologna, Udinese, Lazio, Inter, Turin, Juventus and AC Milan, the company with which he won the 1999 Scudetto, are just the main clubs that Zaccheroni coached during his illustrious career starting from Lugo, not to mention the two experiences on the benches of the nationals of Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Alberto Zaccheroni and Doriano Tamborini

In the book written by Doriano Tamburini, at the time he was Barcelona’s assistant coach alongside Zaccheroni and remained linked to the coach through a deep friendship that is still cultivated today with almost daily contacts, the story of a season that truly seems unrepeatable in the Lugo Square. The volume, which opened with an introduction by Zaccheroni himself, contains a passionate and detailed description of the results, challenges and curiosities of FC Barcelona capable of making an entire city and territory a C1 dream. Romania which, at that time, had the municipal stadium Ermes Mushinelli as an attraction. Today Tamburini remains a reference point for Lugo’s football in the role of coach and manager for Stuoie 1982 to continue and strengthen the inextricable link between the world of sport and the city of Lugo.

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At the request of Doriano Tamborini himself, the proceeds from the sale of the book “Baraka, what years are those yearsDonations will be made to charities for the benefit of the city hospital, and it will also be possible to donate to the same hospital.

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