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Football, Italy and Germany U-20 at the Longo Bicenzio Stadium in Prato in the name of Paolo Rossi

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national soccer teams under 20 to Italy And Germany They will compete on Monday March 27th at 3pm at the Lungobisenzio Stadium in Prato (free entry), the last match of the 8 Nations Championship for the Azzurri before the World Championships to be held in Bali in May. An international sporting event that, of course, evokes two historic matches that remain in the collective memory: the semi-final of the World Championships in Mexico on June 17, 1970 and the final of the World Championships on July 11, 1982 in Spain. An indelible memory especially for Prato: in fact, two Tuscans like Mario Bertini and Paolo Rossi played in the two squads.

The match took place this morning at the Town Hall. His wife and brother also lectured Paolo RossiFederica Cappelletti, Rossano Rossi, and Massimo Bertini, nephew of Mario Bertini. Team captain Samuel Giovanni could not intervene, due to the long delay at Frankfurt Airport after meeting Norway in Stravanger, also in the tournament.

Many young people in the sign of Paolo Rossi

“It is really a pleasure for us to host a sporting event of this magnitude in Prato – says the mayor Matthew Bivoni Football has great appeal and so I thank those who have been able to bring an international match to our city, it will be a great day of sport for everyone.” More than 200 students from the Pacetti, Cicognini, Gandhi, San Niccolò and Marco Polo institutes and a thousand players of all ages from the Prato youth teams are invited.

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Rossano Rossi recalls his brother’s blue jersey victories, which were followed by a moving intervention from his wife Federica: “It’s a great feeling to be here to represent Paulo with Rossano and the national team that he loved and honored so much. He would like to be remembered as in the famous image of that final, with his arms in the sky and the blue shirt. It’s right that I’m here today with the guys that Paul loved and followed.” .

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