November 30, 2023

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In the stadiums of the Lega Pro campaign against discrimination – football

In the stadiums of the Lega Pro campaign against discrimination – football

(ANSA) – ROME, April 09 – Today and tomorrow are set at the Lega Pro stadiums for the new FIGC campaign, which for the first time sees the world of Italian football united on a common front against discrimination. Serie A teams will compete in matches to give voice to a global message: say no to racial discrimination. To do this, they will organize a series of initiatives, including displaying the #unitidaglissicolori banner as players enter the pitch. “Italian football says no to discrimination – declares FIFA President Gabriel Gravina – and does so with one voice, using its power of communication and the effect of a very clear visual: we are equal in our diversity! Sharing all the components of our system, for which I thank, demonstrates the great sensitivity of a world Football is convinced, and rightly so, of the ultimate success in the indispensable match against all forms of racism.”

“Lega Pro is an active and integrated part of this project – says Serie C president Francesco Ghirelli – and the participation in the campaign by all clubs demonstrates the interest in the phenomenon of apartheid that we must confront does not let our guard down.

On the contrary, it is our job to educate the community, especially the youth among them, of the right behavior to be adopted and we must do so by reaching every corner of the territory widely.” (ANSA).

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