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Football: Gasperini unhappy ‘The market? Not the Atalanta I expected’

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“I don’t know what the goal could be, we’ll see it along the way” – “BERGAMO -” Was it the team I expected? Of course not, the goals were certainly different, even if the club worked hard there is the feeling that the market starts now.” Gian Piero Gasperini did not utter the words during the press conference on the sidelines of the team’s salute to the Nerazzurri fans, stressing that at the moment the goddess does not have a specific goal: “I do not know What is – indicated the boss -, let’s see along the way, there is a very open market. I don’t feel like setting a goal and then if things work out, no one will ever back down. This year we will see what we can do, if we can keep up.” Direct statements, without much explanation even in management by the company: “We have to see him play, along the way, obviously there are some teams that have strengthened further, obviously We have to start from the last 20 games last year. Little, then in the midst of those 20 games there were many excuses and many situations, among which we will try to start over. It’s not that the team doesn’t satisfy me, there are two goals, which are to strengthen the team or alternatively to renew it. It’s a question of missing roles, the goal is more general, the club moved very well and looked for important players … but that is the reality of the market, it’s not that I’ve discovered, it’s clear to everyone.” To other teams: The confrontation of the last days was there, and some grumblings also appeared in front of the microphones. “Pinamonti? I’ve never put it on anyone’s list, the last name I made is Palacio. From that moment on, I never mentioned the names. I always indicated the roles, after which it is up to others to choose and evaluate, they know how Atalanta play well. ” Gasperini also repeated the strangeness of not selling Alexei Miranchuk to Turin: “Luca Percassi blamed me, but there are economic aspects to be resolved there.” However, there were some smiles, especially while cuddling with the 9,000 fans present in Corva Nord who encouraged the team in particular and Jose Luis Palomino, stopped as a precaution after Clostebol Metabolita tested positive: “Palomino hombre vertical”, a banner read in the curve Also up to field chief Antonio Percassi and the entire management to witness the crowd’s embrace.The team was then called under the curve as the ultras re-emphasized the concept: We’ll all start together, as one people and one jersey. 12

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