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The Czech Republic beat Norway and Italy in the Para Ice Hockey tournament in Turin.

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there Republic of Che success 10th edition of the International Para Ice Hockey Tournament in Turin in front Norway and atItaly. Organized the eventSportdipiù Sports Associationheld From January 23rd to 28th via Sanremo 67 in Palatassoli And dedicated to the memory of the historic captain of the national team and the pioneer of the Sitting Bulls Andrea “Cias” Chiarotti. (Cover by Salvatore Giordano)


The Czechs dominated the qualifiers with full points, scoring 21 goals and conceding one goal. final Norwegians on Saturdays 3-2 At the end of a match full of twists and turns: after taking a 2-0 lead thanks to first and second half goals by Geier and Hobl, in fact, Solberg and Varnes combined in the final; Yet Gear decided the trophy in overtime.


After a 6-0 double in the Czech Republic and a 4-0 defeat against Norway, Italy lost their second match against the Scandinavians 3-1. 3-2 there semi-final Always with the Scandinavians. In the last match, in particular, the Azzurri came close to scoring in the third half with goals from Andrea Macri and Stefan Kaufmann. Despite the failures, there are some positive signs in optics World CupScheduled for late May in Canada: «This tournament, as well as last fall’s tournament in Canada, allowed us to play again against top and very top teams like USA and Canada that we haven’t faced in five years. The same goes for the national teams facing off in Turin: the Czech Republic, indeed, are very solid, while Norway has a huge desire for revenge after failing to qualify for the Paralympics for the first time in its history; At the World Cup, the Scandinavians and Germany will be our direct rivals fighting to stay in Group A.» – commented the trainer Mirko Bianchi.

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More positive General budget of competition by President of Sportdipiù Fabrizio Benintendi: «The 10th edition was a great success with the public and the enthusiasm of the athletes was very high: these are the responses we expected and inspire us to guide and plan the next tournament already. We want to compete with this great competitive spirit and hope the puck keeps spinning on the Palatassoli track. Sportdipiù will work hard to spread this fantastic game of ice hockey, trying to find new and young athletes for a classic national team like Italy.».

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