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Dirty football pollutes boys “a fake match between under 15” – Chronicle

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by Stefano Brugioni Florence Strong hold in the area, penalty so sunny that one parent, a fan of that inattentive defender, shouts from the stands: “But what’s the point?” “We need it!” ‘Because we both pass,’ replies an exhibition director. And so, in fact, it was. The shadow of the combination extends until the Youth Championship. The Florentine club Floria Grasina Belmonte informed him about it in the competent offices that, due to the victory of Turano Montenioso of the Pisan Zambra football team, he was relegated from the regional under-15 championship. Sunday 15 May, the last day of a group of four players: the first and second are saved, and the third and fourth lose the right to the most famous tournament. At 10.30 the Sporting Arno-Floria was also scheduled, but the contemporary was skipped because in Montenioso the game immediately accumulated a quarter of an hour late. Thus, when the match at Sporting Stadium ends with a score of 2-1 for the hosts, the calculations begin as the match continues. Zambra is in the lead with 10 points. Floria Belmonte Gracina with 8 points and Torano Montenioso with seven points are in the balance between heaven and hell already condemned by Sporting Arno, with two points. With a draw with Zambra, Torano Montenioso had to play another playoff to avoid relegation to Floria, which Sporting lost. But, as stated in the complaint to the FIGC Federal Prosecutor submitted by Florence lawyers, Marco Cicucci and Ilaria Agatti, there is a suspicion that, having learned of the opponent’s defeat, Torano’s victory in Massa Carrara was facilitated. In order to move forward on his arm towards safety. In the statement, Floria listed a series of anomalies. In addition to the corrupt “Free” in the area …

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