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Football: Dal Pozo extends into the third category

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CERIANO LAGHETTO – Dal Pozzo football team remained at the top of the third category ranking, Last Sunday, they beat the local San Giuseppe Aris 1-0 (a goal by Desio). He is therefore already in the “enemy”, after the first seven days.

In Ares they played Barzani, Oscolati (captain), Riccardi, Kanti, Poseveri, Bertil, Guy, Corradini, Maggiore, Desio and Zeridi. Available: Arrighi, Cosato, Algiers, Tricarico, Borghi, Cevesi, Defindente, Caldart, Panico. Everything was decided in the 13 minutes of the second half: a great ride by Gueye on the left who flies to the wing, and puts a candidate for Maggiore, who unloads in front of the goalkeeper on Dezio, who quietly slips into the net with his left hand.

Results and standings

Other results: Oratorio Passirana-San Luigi Pogliano 1-2, Mascagni-Rescada 1-3, San Lorenzo-Legnanese 1-3, San Vittore Olona-Nervianese 4-2, Virtus Sedriano-Legnarello 3-2, San Giorgio rested. Standings: Dal Pozo 19 points, San Giorgio 13, San Vittore Olona, ​​San Giuseppe and Oratorio Pasirana 12, Leganes and Nervianese 10, Mascani and Lignarello 9, Virtus Cedriano 6, San Lorenzo and San Luigi Pogliano 4, Riscalda 3.

(Photo: Dal Pozzo in Campo del San Giuseppe)


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