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Football Bari, Luigi De Laurentiis introduces Mr. Iachini and answers: “I admit mistakes but I will never give up”

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Luigi De Laurentiis introduces Bari's new coach, Beppe Iachini, and takes the opportunity to address the controversy sparked by his father's statements regarding Bari's “second team”.

“We started again without three important players like Capril, Chidera and Folorunsho, but the joint ownership with Napoli had nothing to do with it: none of them wanted to stay in Serie B in the face of the proposals from the Italian League – he comments -. We faced a lot of difficulties, including serious injuries, and were sent off twice, but we never gave up. I'm here to show my face: I made mistakes, I admit it, but I will never give up and I will never give up -he continues-. The proof is that we have appointed a first-class coach with a significant investment and a contract until 2025. Here we will continue to build on a path that will not stop.”

“No one is happy to receive insults and disapproval – he commented – but I hope that the square will focus on the team to get it to the end. The protests do not feed anything into the company's choices. – De Laurentiis continued – I love Barry and I will continue to do so: I was taken away from my family, from cinema, and I could also go in other directions. I have embraced the reality of the company by choosing every building block built. We are a large group, but management has always been completely independent. So I immediately distanced myself from my father's words, which is not easy. Negotiation? Bari is a first-class franchise company in the Italian market, but someone should come in who can invest more.
We have no debt and we have achieved results on the field. Read about roped parties: where are they? I'm here to be transparent: Recovering a relationship is essential, and I'm here in front of you. This air is disappointing, and I'm very open to talking to the fans. When I was insulted and my children were beside me but I did not stand up. I have a responsibility and I will not back down. “If anyone wants to talk to me, I have a lot to say.”

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