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Asiago Hockey: Good debut in Bala Hodegart against Red Bull. Villach will arrive tonight

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children Tom Paraso They really gave their all, but at the end of a 60-minute battle they had to give in Red Bull Salzburgwho won 5 to 3 after a match that gave so much emotion to the many fans and enthusiasts present at theHodegart Asiago.

The stars have done well to keep up with the world champions Ice Hockey Leagueuntil they took the lead twice: first with Bryce Mesley and the third time with Luc Moncada, but in the end the Austrians beat the hosts.

very good performanceFor the chief’s team Bercarlo MantovaniWho can now look forward to future engagements with optimism, starting with Match against Villach“scheduled” Tonightalways in 7.45 pm.

Asiago Ice Hockey League - Salzburg - Nick Saracino's goal after the match

Asiago Report

A difficult start for the star, who in the first minutes had to try to contain the guests. The Red Bulls team is constantly committed to Fazio which holds up well but at 6′ is surprised by a modest shot from Blue, who escapes the bore and ends up in the net. In the 9th minute, the Lions faced a penalty kick that cost them two minutes of suffering under constant pressure from Red Bull. However, Giallorossi held up well and at 13 draws in Powerplay: putting the puck in front of goal by McShane, touching Marchetti and then tapping. Saracen Which is 1-1. The Austrians respond angrily but Fazio responds present. A few seconds after the end, Salinitri gets a penalty that Asiago will be able to exploit in the second half.

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In the second break, Asiago starts like a rocket and immediately puts the guests in trouble. In the sixth, Gilrossi pass to lead with muesli Which embodies the great work of my brand. Soon after two great triangulations were “wasted” by Finoro and Magnabosco: they both reach the right and are unable to send the disk on the network. Then the Red Bulls tied in the 10th minute with HockoflerRobertson, good at turning the ritual blue into the goal. In the last minutes, it was the guests who put Asiago in trouble, but he defends himself well and keeps the score 2-2 until the 40th minute.

In the third inning, the Lions took the lead after six minutes with a large number of Moncada, skilled at grabbing a disc in the offensive third and putting it behind Tolvanen after a fine trick. Two minutes later, guests find the tie in powerplay mode from a shot of the blue Huber.
at 15 minutes Nesner Performs in an incredible descent, leaving the Earth Defenders in place and depositing the puck behind Fazio. Barrasso’s team does not stand idly by and at 17′ score an exciting point with Moncada. In the last two minutes of the match, Paraso calls goalkeeper Fazio to the bench and attacks Tolvanen’s goal with the extra man for the movement, but the visitors resist and close the match. Huber Who from a distance scores the fifth goal with a goal from Gilorossi without a guard.

Highlights of the match

The Highlights From the match that took place yesterday can be reviewed on the website of Ice Hockey League to this end to end

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Post-match interview with Marco Magnapusco


Follow tonight’s match

matches Ice Hockey League It will be broadcast in broadcast live exclusively on

Credit: Serena Fantini and Vito Di Romeo

Two free days at Pala Hodegart in Asiago to try hockey and art

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