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Football at Valmontone 1921, Maffucci: “The beginning? A great passion”

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Valmontone (Republic of Macedonia) – The first official match of 2022 for the women’s distinction at Valmontone 1921 did not achieve the desired result, but it was known that the return match against Montespato would be very difficult. The Capitoline asserted themselves as a team with great depth and won 8-1 with a Giallorossi flag goal signed by Benedetta Gonella. The happiest note for Valmontone 1921 was the debut of Francesca Mavucci, the goalkeeper born in 2001 in the first match of her career. “Before coming to play football this season, I spent ten years in the world of volleyball. All credit goes to my mother Clementina Delphi who is by the way the goalkeeper of this group: it is a really great sport when you live it from within, and it is an experience that has changed me for the better. I also found a group Beautiful, we are interconnected and help each other a lot on the court.” Of course, the first appearance of Maffucci was not quite the easiest: “In front of us we had a really strong opponent who put us in difficulty. But my comrades and I tried to do our best. ” Strange is the “parallel” to the performance of mother Clementina, who scored nine goals in the first leg against Montespacheto: “What am I going to tell him at home? Take that,” smiles Francesca, who tries to tell her her feelings: “I learned many things in an official race that I never felt while training A side of me that I didn’t know showed up. Anyway it was a really great and unforgettable emotion. I have to thank the whole team for supporting me in the best possible way.” If the Giallorossi continue to have trouble in the league, Andrea Canal’s team has changed often, and on Sunday the quarter-finals will be played in one match (at home) against a European club: “It would be great to continue the race – says Maffucci – If I have to play, I will try to do my best.”

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