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Football, Arezzo at the Ostia Mare Lido stadium with many absences. Possible Gucci from the first minute – Corriere d’Arezzo

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Arezzo In the stadium today on the synthetic “Le Muracciole” from Ara Nova for the match againstOstia C Lido. At the press conference on Saturday, sir Indians Try to dismantle the reserves given the match, which will not be easy from a point of view absence. And Arezzo would be without Setembrini and Zona, suspended, Risaletti and Gadini injured, and in great doubt for Diallo.

“We don’t know if Diallo will be available – said Indiani – he never trained with the team during the week, always playing mixed games. However, if he succeeds, he won’t start from the beginning.

Then the coach went on to talk about the group: “The team is in good shape. The data we processed after training proves it. However, for the first time, in terms of numbers, we are at the bottom line. No need to worry or look for excuses: 15-16 players on Ready to play in the tournament D series We have them as well. If there are some players who are disqualified or injured, there are other players at the same level to play the game and play.”

They are three Juniors Grouped with the first team: Scichilone, Stopponi and Zhupa. The three, born in 2005 and from the city of Arezzo, who may have the opportunity to participate for the first time in the current race. About the possibility of seeing the new striker Gucci From the first minute, Indiani noted: “Gucci surprised us because we thought he was behind. In my opinion it can start, and if we decide to do it we will not change our way of playing.”

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Based on fixtures, who characterize the Italian League Championship: “I don’t think they can be decisive for our season. Of course, having the possibility of training could have helped with the organizational measures in Arezzo; Then, head to Ostia Mare: “They have few points compared to the quality available, especially at the start they have a lot. But from the outside I can’t and don’t want to judge their ranking. Of course, not playing on the pitch would have a negative effect.”

Finally, he comments on the transfer market, which has already seen his departure Lorenzini And soon Boubacar will also say goodbye to Marigold: “I don’t expect anything in particular, just to replace those who leave. With Lorenzini gone, another 2004 will be needed in the same role. We won’t bother the team looking at the performance, if the director is good at Add quality to the best.

Meanwhile, Gianmarco’s recall arrived on Friday night dangerous In the Under 18 Serie D team coached by coach Giuliano Gianchida. On Wednesday, November 30, the player will meet with forty-five other players selected from the clubs in the fourth Italian series at the La Borghesiana Sports Center in Rome.

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