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Football and support, the Napoli club was born in Nola

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Football and support, the Napoli club was born in Nola

residencesportsFootball and support, the Napoli club was born in Nola

NOLA. After a long period of absence, Medina Lillis and Giordano Bruno are preparing to host Napoli again. Since the 1990s, Nola has lacked an official club that would serve as a point of reference and meeting place for the many Azzurri fans who are in town and this year, thanks to the newfound fervor around the actions of coach Spalletti’s boys. who dominate the Italian football championship and became champions of the UEFA Champions League’s premier group stage, it seems the time is finally right to see the blue flag once again on the city’s streets.
“Nola Partenopea” will be the official category chosen by the promoters of the initiative who have chosen their headquarters in the center of Corso Tommaso Vitale, halfway between Villa Comunale and Piazza Duomo. The founding members will try by all means to open their doors by the end of February, at the latest the beginning of March, also because in order to open a regular affiliate of the Associane Italia Club Napoli it is necessary to collect a minimum number. fifty members.

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Anyone interested in joining the nascent association, or simply obtaining information about it, can refer to the social channels of the Neapolitan NOLA club:

Or you can contact him directly at [email protected] email address or WhatsApp number +393493213385.

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