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Football and movies on piracy sites, first penalties from Gdf on 1600 users

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This double result, together with the subsequent survey activities in the territory, made it possible to identify a number of users, which, according to the reconstruction, will be about 6 thousand units. At the moment, as verified by 24 hours only, those affected by the minutes would be 1,600. Of these, a thousand would have been paid. About 20% of these cases also belong to the most severe category. Beiruti adds, “It is important to educate all citizens, especially young people, about this issue, and make them understand that financing these actions means financing organized crime. We must protect a healthy economy and companies that respect the rules.”

Red alert numbers

This phenomenon has long reached alarming features. Associations such as Fapav headed by Federico Bagnoli Rossi or Lega Serie A, holder of audiovisual rights that could be fatally affected by the devaluation of the currency due to piracy, as well as many Dazn, Sky, Mediaset and others, frequently denounce it.

Reversing successful operations in its own way is a real test of a situation that has reached red alert levels. From which the GDF transcripts that led to the penalties were derived The sun is 24 hours He managed to give an account, is the operation “Doctor Pezzotto” last May (which affected 500 “web resources” and 20 Telegram channels) coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples and carried out by Gdf.


Satisfaction with the news of actions against “pirate users” expresses the satisfaction of those who pay the price of hacking scourge to flog their accounts. “The end customers who have been identified and fined for committing acts of piracy, thanks to the operations carried out, are increasing. If, on the one hand, these figures show that piracy in Italy is widespread, on the other hand, they confirm how active and committed the police force is to eradicate a problem that causes serious damage to the system, “he says. 24 hours only Stefano Azzi, CEO of Dazn in Italy. “These first fines show – says Andrea Duilio, CEO of Sky Italia – that using pirated services is doubly dangerous, because you are not only handing over your personal data to criminal organisations, you are also committing a crime for which you will be fined and prosecuted.”

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