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Football and Inter. Inzaghi: Free kick Free kick we have believed in since October, or rather since July

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Long interview before Christmas for Simon Inzaghi Inter leaders coach – on pages Gazzetta dello Sport: The Nerazzurri coach regained his first period on the bench with Inter, stressing what succeeded and what made his team top the current Italian league standings.

I was quiet even in October, even when we were far from the top. I met fans all over Milan, and they told me that they loved the team, that they loved coming to the stadium. This is the most important compliment to the technician. This thing gave me an extra boost. In fact, he gave it to me and my staff. I will say more: we have really believed in it since July, from the day of the first training session. Now it is convenient for many to say that we are the candidates, that we are a warship. But then I knew we could do a good job


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Milan and Naples

“Milan and Napoli changed the least. Napoli didn’t give up even big, and Milan replaced well. But in the Scudetto, I put Atalanta and Juventus inside. The Bianconeri lost points, and they’re much later than we expected. But they’re back, they’ve won six of the last rounds. Eight: Juventus is an opponent to be taken into account.

No numbers. This is an unpredictable tournament. We are at a good stage, but what we have done so far should be just an incentive to start over after the break.”

Kick for freedom

“Football today is above all occupying space. By freedom I mean this: I leave the players free to decide and choose the moment. Also because from the bench, especially now that the fans are back, you can’t influence much. You can organize the defensive and offensive stages, we are We take great care of it through videos and personalized sessions. But then the players make the decisions, within three seconds of the game they must understand and act efficiently. The game is a collection of choices: the best ones are made by the strongest teams, those who win titles”

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“We will have to think carefully, we must always think about our ability to grow. The first objective last summer was to secure the club, now we have to try to see something. All the teams are strengthening, after all. My priority will be to keep everyone. Let’s see. With Satriano, the other four strikers I’d like to keep all of, then we need to understand in the middle or out if we can find a way to improve. And maybe understand if any players who played less after these first 25 games are now feeling the pinch.”

Inzaghi: “Settlement stage? We need to get to know each other”


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