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Ice Hockey League Bolzano lags behind in the quarterfinal series – FISG

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The Black Wings Lanes won 2-1 at Sparkas Arena in Bolzano in Game 3 of the Ice Hockey League Quarterfinals in a best-of-seven game.. After winning at home last Friday, again 2-1, The Upper Austria formation also overturned the series score by 2 to 1 and so Bolzano now have to chase the ‘Black Wings’. The series shows a lot of defense cohesion, if we believe that whoever won the first three matches did not score more than two goals. So Tuesday’s game four, in Linz, will be a real turning point with the Foxes having to prevent the Austrians from getting their first match point in the series. In the rest of the matches, Salzburg scored only the first point of the match, 3-0 ahead of Hungary in Hervár after a painful overtime victory. Not only victorious Linz away. Villach and Vienna, after home defeats in the second match, took the lead in their respective series by winning away again on their debuts. In the Carinthian derby, in fact, the home factor is still missing with Klagenfurt passing Villach for 4 to 3 while Vienna won 5-2 in Innsbruck. Tuesday, the fourth quarter-final match, as mentioned with Bolzano again in Linz, and then on the track in Fehervar, Klagenfurt and Vienna.

Romig’s brace gives the Blackwings their second win in a row and always a 2-1 factor: Bolzano doesn’t play hard with zero out of 6 with the extra man. Finn Tironen, in Race 3 with 97.4% saves, becomes a very sure factor.

Bolzano did not materialize, in front of nearly 4,000 spectators, two consecutive numerical superiorities, but continued to play the game making himself dangerous with Mitch Holtz, who was hit with a surefire shot that was deflected by Murphy’s signal. Shortly thereafter, it is launched out of nowhere, well presented in the slot by the refrigerator. The match becomes tense due to Mitch’s knee on Mitch Holtz, but the power play following the foxes again does not materialize. When the first half appears to be going 0-to-0, 5 seconds after the siren, the Black Wings strike with their first serious shot: Romig runs down the left lane, shoots, and beats Harvey at the near post.

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Visiting goalkeeper Finn Tironen is definitely a factor in this series and always responds to red and white tries. Linz tried to shoot from a throw-in, and in a two-on-one they nearly doubled, with Brooker hitting the top of the crossbar. The Foxes, on the other hand, came close to equalizing, as Alberga went head-to-head with the opposing goalkeeper, who nevertheless prevailed. Another Austrian counterattack, this time it is Kristler who misses the opportunity, while the red and white do not realize the fourth strength in the match: Tironen is still decisive with Alberga’s shot. But even on the other side of the track, Sam Harvey stands out in a big way. Meanwhile, the tension explodes over his contact with Halmo, who escorts him off the cuff to the locker room (he will return in the third period).

At the start of the third, Culkin calls out Tyronnen to step in reflexively, then Lenz doubles down on the restart: Knott goes to conclusion, Harvey doesn’t hold back and Romig scores. The Foxes try to fight back, but tonight the powerplay doesn’t want to know how to operate: There are two numerical superiorities available to the red and white, who go up against the Austrians on penalties. At 54:02, this is the goal that finally shortens the distance: Mitch Holtz opens up for Fratten, whose volley hit the post first, then Tironen emerges and slots home. However, the final attack, even with the sixth man moving, didn’t have the desired effect, and Linz got Game 3.

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Foxes defender Enrico Miglioranzi commentary

RACE 4 live on VB 33

On Tuesday March 14th, at 19:15, the Foxes will return to Upper Austria to try to tie up the series: the match will be broadcast live on VB33, with the audience watching in the H1 Eventspace of the Bolzano Show.

win2day Ice Hockey League | 12.03.202 | Game 3 – Quarterfinals | results

EC Red Bull Salzburg vs Hydro Fehervar AV 19 2:1 OT (0:0, 0:0, 1:1, 1:0)
Referees: FICHTNER, HRONSKY, Jedlicka, Riecken. | Spectators: 3028
Salzburg leads 3-0 in the series
RBS targets: Huber P. (56.), Hochkofler (76./PP1)
AVS targets: betaine (52.)

HC TIWAG Innsbruck – Die Haie – spusu Vienna Capitals 2:5 (1:1, 0:3, 1:1)
Referees: GROZNIK, OFNER, Bärnthaler, Nothegger. | Spectators: 3,200
Vienna leads 2-to-1 in the series
HCI targets: Ulmer (8.), Krugsgaard (48).
Vic targets: MPs (20., 22./PP1), Preiser (23.), Hartl (33.), Bradley (60./EN).

EC iDM Wärmepumpen VSV – EC-KAC 3:4 (1:1, 0:0, 2:3)
Referees: K. NIKOLIC, PIRAGIC, Hribar, Seewald. | Spectators: 3,650
Klagenfurt leads the series 2-1
VSV goals: Josselin (14.), Richter (46./SH1), Desjardins (49.)
KAC goals: Liceu (12., 45.), Hundertepfend (50.), Tekar (60. / PP1).

HCB Südtirol Alperia – Steinbach Black Wings Linz 1:2 (0:1, 0:0, 1:1)
Referees: M. NIKOLIC, STERNAT, Snoj, Zgonc. | Spectators: 3,870
Linz leads the series 2-1
HCB targets: Fratten (5.)
BWL targets: Romig (20., 42.)

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