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Football, amateur market: Carpeggiani in San Felice, new additions to San Martinez, Cavezzo and La Pieve Nonantola – SulPanaro

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By Simone Guandalini – Lists of amateur lineups for the Lower Modena region are now starting to appear in light of the 2023-2024 sports season, after a market debut in recent weeks. Below, the most relevant moves of the past week, sorted by category:


This rose continues to improve Bev Nonantola, the next season was entrusted with the coaching of Enrico Rossi, who replaced Andrea Barbe, who moved to San Felice, on the rise. Access Ivan Luigi Espositooutside midfielder, born in 2005, from United Carpi, goalkeeper Franco Fiorito (Born in 2004) Born in 2002 Simon Margottaowned by Sasso Marconi, who arrives at Nonantola after appearing in Serie D with the Bolognese team and two seasons in the Bentivoglio jersey and the expert defender (class 94) Alessio Canalini, last season with distinction with the Arcetana shirt. Goalkeeper also in the way Gabriel Loughley (Class of 95, formerly Solaris). He affirmed, then, in light of the forthcoming tournament, Giacomo Guiduzzi and Amadou Diallo And Emmanuel Manfredotti.


New success in promoting the San Felice For new coach Andrea Barbie, formerly of La Pieve Nonantola: following the additions announced in recent weeks, the striker will also wear the Giallorossi jersey Edward Carpigiani. Many newcomers are also at home cavizo: In addition to the songs already announced, the winger will also wear the blue and white jersey sticks striker kolaveriMidfielder Axefull back you hope, striker compressedmidfielders Tabaron And Karelian and cannons swans.

Football, amateur market: Carpeggiani in San Felice, new additions to San Martinez, Cavezzo and La Pieve Nonantola – SulPanaro

Edward Carpigiani

The first category

Very active in the market pee And Ravarino: Nonantola’s team, restarted from the bench by coach Marco Bellini and new sporting director Franco Di Luca, announces the arrival of the midfielder Luca Pedrazzi (born in 2003), last year in Athletic Leader Mutina, striker Lorenzo Lucena (born in 2002), from Ganaceto, and expert goalkeeper (born in 90) Dennis PachigaComing from Sala Bolognese.

Dennis Pachiga

Among the ranks RavarinoOn the other hand, after receiving hair follicles in recent weeks, it was announced that the midfielder would return to the blue and white jersey. Francesco FiorentiniClass 96.

Francesco Fiorentini

Category two

In the second category, the first market movements of Mirandoles and Medola have already been announced, restarted on the bench by Mr. Rampani and Priviglieri in view of the next season, last week the scene was all for San Martinez, who has been entrusted for the 2023-2024 season to Mr. Pignatti, the former Rivera, who has announced six new entries in the squad in light of the upcoming tournament. It comes with an extension Brothers Catherine (Gaetano, born in 1992, midfielder, and Antonio, born in 1986, central defender) Coming from Medola, they are midfielders. Matthias Toseli (born in 2000, coming from Altipolesine), Daniel Rossi (Class of 94, ex Poggese), H Luca Calzolari (born in 1997, returned to San Martinez, where he grew up in the youth sector, from Sermide) and winger Manuel Piccini (Class of 99, coming from Poggese).

The third category

In the third category, a new affirmation at home ConcordIt’s about a goalkeeper born in ’95 Luca Cassady.

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