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Football: Alleged racist insults with African advice, match suspended – Liguria

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It happened in a Category Two match in Savona

(ANSA) – MONTINUTA CAIRO, NOVEMBER 21 – The match was halted due to alleged racist insults. This happened this afternoon at Cesare Priene Stadium in Cairo Montnotte (Savona), during the match of Category Two (Group C) between Bluedio and Sengio.

In the 35th minute, with a score of 0-0, referee Pietro Bolero issued a decree to stop the race. As the guests reported, the Plodio goalkeeper would have addressed Cengio’s African striker, Abdou Diop, to insult him because of the color of his skin. Diop responded and was booked for the second time, and it ended up being sent off, because the referee had not heard of the infraction, and therefore only punished the attacker’s reaction.

Cengio’s coach, who heard the irregularities, reported them to the referee and threatened to withdraw the team. At that point, the whistle decided, due to the tension that arose on the field, to suspend the match, first temporarily and then permanently, although both teams were available to continue the match.

Big disappointment from Cengio coach, Stephan Marian: “I’ve already heard racist insults on the field and it’s ridiculous if this happens again in 2021. If it happens again against one of my players, I’ll pull the team.” Plodio leaders deny the version presented by the opponents.

“Today absolutely nothing happened – sporting director Fabio Abate said – there was an unjustified and disproportionate reaction from the Cengio bench with the managers who called on the team to leave the field because they heard racist insults” (HANDLE).

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