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Colo resounding for Tottenham with Moura – football

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Thrilling in Maribor, where Antonio Conte lost Tottenham in the last second to the humble Slovenes of Mora and now risks disqualification: the final day will be decisive.

England suffered a defect in the 11th minute with a goal by Horvat. He tied with Kane minutes before the end of the match, but in the end and in full recovery, Marosa’s goal made the hosts celebrate.

Now Conte’s team in second place (playable against a third of the Europa League groups) will play against Rennes, who took first arithmetic position and qualified 3-3 against Vitesse. The Dutch have the same points as Tottenham and play at home against Moura.

Conti: “My state of mind is not good, tonight a bad defeat, we have complicated our lives by finding ourselves playing 10 for 60 minutes, Sessegnon got a double yellow card in 30 minutes, it already happened to us with Vitesse, we have a lot of young players who have to develop and not It was a poor performance from many points of view, technically and tactically but also mentally, we know there is a lot to work on, we need to be patient because we are in difficulty, we need to improve and it will take some time to make Spurs competitive, we must We remain united and act.”

“I accepted this position knowing it was a great opportunity for me, but now my pride and my career do not count – the Italian coach explains -, my goal is to return Tottenham to good levels, but I know that it will take some time and that even our fans have to be patient. Within That, I thank them for following us so far, they supported us from start to finish. What did you say to the players? Everything.”

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