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Let’s find out what’s in the package

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The Iliad suggests finding a Christmas present under the tree, a new slide with a very special character. Let’s reveal the details of the magical Christmas gift.

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decided on what gift on christmas day? The Iliad It proposes a solution capable of pleasing especially the little ones. Let’s talk about one Sim It can be bought in Carrefour, Sigma, Conad and Todis supermarkets but also in Iperstore Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Snai, Il Gigante, Pam, Conforama and in many other structures that sell electronic elements and books. Let’s find out how it works and how to activate the card.

The Iliad, Sim as a Christmas gift

Iliad created a SIM that is not activated when purchased but can be given as a gift anyone you want. sales channel Eliad Express It is already present in more than two thousand points of sale throughout Italy. The French company set another setback against its competitors Vodafoneand WindTre, HoMobile, and Tim.

Anyone who wants to continue buying a Christmas gift can go to the Iliad store and buy the Sim too Cash. Activation can subsequently be done electronically or physically. It will be the expenses that you will face 19,98 euros. The amount includes activation in addition to the first paid month from show. The gift recipient after receiving the SIM will be able to proceed with the activation using QR Code.

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Procedure details

When purchasing, the buyer will receive receipt Where you can view a file pin Access to the card. The recipient will have to use the PIN to activate the SIM after entering the company’s website. In addition to the code, it will be necessary to enter ICCID series It consists of 19 numbers that can be displayed on the back of the SIM card. Registration will require you to pass some semplici . step At the end of it, activation will be completed.

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It pays to know what to expect in conjunction with the purchase of the Christmas gift The Iliad. It is located around Eliad Flash 150 Which includes 150 GB of data traffic per month – even in 5G – Unlimited minutes For all national mobile and landline numbers, unlimited calls to some foreign numbers and unlimited text messages for everyone. bid cost 9.99 € Per month.

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