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Five-a-side football, it’s time for the Cup finals at Piazza Monteloponne, Recanati, Cantin Reunite and Kastrom Lori

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FIGC has not postponed the traditional Futsal Epiphany event. Therefore, from tomorrow to Sunday, the 2022 edition of the Iplex will be held regularly at PalaSavelli in Porto San Giorgio, the Italian Five-Year Cup Final, from youth to Series D. It is represented by 4 teams: Montelubon, Cantine Réonet Tolentino, Recanati and Castrum Laurie. There is no difference in females. Starting in Serie C, tomorrow at 17:00 Montelupone will play a consecutive quarter-final match against Audax Sant’Angelo. The semi-final matches will be held on Saturday 8 and the final on Sunday at 6:30 pm. Series D, represented by Castrum Lauri, will start from the semi-finals the day after tomorrow, at Castrum Stadium at 19.30 against Candia Baraccola Aspio. For the boys from the youth sectors, the final return lifts the trophy immediately. Saturday at 3 pm Italservice Pisaro vs Recanati for the U-17 category, followed by Real Fabriano against Cantina Rionet for the U19 Cup at 5 PM.

In the pictures: Montelupone, Recanati, Cantine Riunite and Castrum Lauri from above.

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