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World Champion Argentina! Beat Portugal 4-2 in the final – OA Sport

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At the end of a great and exciting final, Argentina’s Carlos Nicolia and his buddies raise their arms to the sky inside the Aldo Cantoni Circuit in San Juan. In fact, South America won the 2022 World Cup in roller hockey by defeating Portugal in the final 4-2.


The start of the game is shocking. Argentina is in the grip of tension, and instead the Lucitanians seem loose and without pressure. All of this translates into a pillar of Magalhães who, a little after a quarter of an hour, put Portugal in a 0-2 draw.
The German national team seems trapped in their fears, but, less than a minute into the first half, comes the flash that reopens the game: Pablo Alvarez’s goal, for the 1-2 game that puts both teams at ease.

Sure, recovery has an entirely different music. The hosts return to the track with unbelievable desire and ferocity and it all comes out a fraction that turns into a one-way match.

In the eighth minute, a goal Nicolia deserves 2-2. The equalizer that obviously changes the game. Argentina melts and is determined to go get what it wants: this is victory.

Pablo Alvarez, still he, makes a 3-2 point, and in the final, less than twenty seconds left, it is Thomas Mina who puts the exclamation point on the match: a 4-2 goal.

It ends like this, with Argentina winning, and Portugal having to “suffice” with the silver after the first half cheating the Reds and Greens with their ability to do the feat.

Argentina, in their sixth overall victory, are back on top of the world 7 years after their last World Championship victory.

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Photo: Marzia Catini FISR

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