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First and second category. Torrelages Awakening. Lots of affirmations

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Positive balance in the first and second categories. In fact, only one of our Seven Sisters ever collected anything.

First category. Forte dei Marmi 2015 continues and in Molazzo they leave the field with some regrets, above all the penalty that Luci surprisingly missed, in the final 0-0 but they remain firmly in second place and above all they continue to extend their positive streak. This point could certainly be useful for the race for rewards, the declared goal of the season and the forbidden dream, which the club always approaches but never achieves in these first years of life. Coach Luca Cagnoni tries to see the glass as half full: “It is unfortunate that we did not win, but things went poorly for us, so let us start from the performance that was sufficient and continue training with commitment.”

The excellent response given by Capezzano who fully confirms his candidacy for high office, the poker game that Serricciolo has been exposed to, beyond the result, is an excellent omen. “We were patient in the beginning and succeeded in taking advantage of the opportunities we had, and this is the right attitude that we must propose again in the upcoming matches,” is the analysis of coach Ricardo Colle. Corsanico still unbanned, the Orange throw back a win that now looked like a done deal in the last moments, coach Stefano Maffei warns his team: “We must correct these mistakes and change our way of managing matches before it is too late, this is not the right way to save yourself.” “A lot of fear and a lot of naivety.” On the other hand, Torrelaghese wakes up and achieves his first success on the Livorno 9 even with one hand, and this event could be a turning point in the season for Mr. Giannini’s boys.

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Second category. Excellent signs from Orsetti’s Lido Di Camaiore, who returns to win in good style with three goals and still leaves a small gap in the hot zone. However, Massarosa moved up the standings with an internal draw, while Sporting Camaiore collapsed badly.


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