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Fire in Hamburg, toxic cloud alert. “extreme danger”

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Hamburg, April 9, 2023 – The dreaded Easter announcement Hamburgwhere the alarm was sounded Widely fire Which hit two warehouses a few kilometers from the German city at dawn today. A thick cloud of smoke is moving toward the city, and firefighters sound an “extreme danger” alert. The cloud can be toxic and contain “chemical components”. According to local media, the first investigations indicate that it has left the warehouse “Hydrogen sulfide”. Firefighters work on site using gas masks. About 200 members are participating in putting out the fire, while explosions continue from inside. According to firefighter sources, it could take a full day to put out the flames.

Residents of a large part of northeastern Hamburg are told Close doors, windows and ventilation. It calls on the authorities to limit travel and avoid people heading to the area affected by the fire. But now, as reported by witnesses, the entire city center is “completely obscured by smoke”. From the first air readings – reported around noon – the toxic values ​​did not appear to have increased significantly, but the alarm was not withdrawn. According to the police, it is not possible, at the moment, to say how serious the situation is.

The fire broke out at 4.30 am in a warehouse in the district of Rothenburg-Sort, overlooking the River Elbe on the border with the port district of Hafencity, a few kilometers southeast of Hamburg. The evacuation of 140 people was necessary immediately, according to Sky News. at the moment No deaths or injuries have been reported. Meanwhile, the warehouses are still on fire.

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