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Halo Infinite, the game is not all on disc and requires a download –

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infinite aura He has a problem, pointed out by John Lineman of Digital Foundry: the Game It wasn’t entirely on disco, which means that a download additional.

In our Halo Infinite campaign review, we wrote about how the new episode of the series has managed to deliver on its promises, offering us an engaging and satisfying but also engaging experience. Ads.

However, the issue of mandatory download is a major limitation for Linneman, especially from the point of view maintain software From here on to several years ago: a subject that the author has always held in great respect.

“My biggest criticism of Halo Infinite is that the disc does not contain a bootable game,” Lineman wrote. “This is the first episode of Halo that you can’t actually own how to Cuba stands alone. “

“This is not a positive trend and I hope so Microsoft He may reconsider these types of options in the future,” the Digital Foundry collaborator added.

The Redmond House probably didn’t pay much attention to this problem because most people would fall back on the copy anyway. Xbox Game Pass by Halo Infinite? hard to say.

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