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Telepass, you have already done this maneuver, but it is very illegal: a fine of 1,700 euros

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Telepass device –

Telepass is an electronic payment device mainly used for motorway tolling in Italy and other European countries.

It consists of a small device that sits on the windshield of a car and allows you to pay tolls without having to stop to automatic or manual checkouts.

Once you receive the device, by registering on the company’s website or through your bank, you will need to activate it by following the instructions given by the manager. Once activated, Telepass will be immediately usable for paying highway tolls and for other available functionality.

Telepass is especially useful for those who travel a lot on the motorway, as it saves time by avoiding queues at automatic or manual tilling. In addition, the device allows you to monitor your fuel consumption, get discounts, and can also be used to pay the bill Gas Born in parking In cities, train stations, airports and many other rest areas.

Did you know that it is strictly forbidden to do it in the Telepass lanes? You risk too much!

Telepass works thanks to the contact system Wireless between the device in the vehicle and the antennas placed at the entrance and exit of the highway or parking lot.

It is forbidden to reverse at the toll booth –

When a Telepass-equipped vehicle passes under the antenna at a highway entrance or parking lot, the device sends out a wireless signal, which is detected by the antenna, which records the vehicle’s entry. At the exit, when the vehicle passes under the antenna, the Telepass device sends it a signal again and the latter records the exit of the vehicle, sends data to the control unit and raise bar to get the green light.

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If, while passing through a Telepass lane, something should not work and the barrier should not rise as a result, the only thing not to do to try to take another lane is reverse gear . This may interfere with communication between the device and the antennas themselves.

In particular, Article 176 of the Road Code states that “it is forbidden to reverse on highways and on main roads outside cities, as well as on sections of these roads indicated by appropriate signs.” Violation of this rule will result in an administrative fine of between 431 to 1734 euros and shrink 10 points from the license. What do you do next? Simply press the help button on the column and wait for instructions from the staff. They will easily log you in and you can continue safely towards your destination. So let’s pay attention, don’t panic and don’t get excited. We can save ourselves from a major headache!

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