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FinecoBank invests in your business opportunities: apply

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Among the lenders looking for new units is FinecoBank. Through its portal, the band highlighted various job opportunities. Don’t delay too long, apply before it’s too late.

The job market is increasingly complex. It is inevitable that those who are looking will go and look at different companies. More so if there are specific skills to present yourself with. What we will see soon is related to the banking sector with one of the best known institutions on a national level.

The internet is all free

there FinecoBank It is an independent, multi-channel direct bank that provides banking, credit, commercial and investment services. The Bank currently has one of the largest networks of financial advisors in Italy: more than 2,570 personal financial advisors with a network of more than 390 Fineco Centres. In short, these numbers alone are enough to understand how we are talking about a really real and vast universe,

The institute was founded in 1982 as GI-FIN Srl after only a few months it became a limited company. The following year he joined the Banca Popolare di Novara. Only in 1999 Fineco became a real bank and launched its first checking account. In 2001, the number of customers reached 250,000. The company also received many awards to confirm its quality. So let’s go and see the different job offers.

Do you want to work at FinecoBank, now you can: here are the proposals

When we talk about an organization of this size, it is inevitable that searching for units requires specific skills. from the region Bank Jobs You can see all jobs which is currently open. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones.

  • Responsible for transparency and customer protection, Expert Level, Milan, Assembly Management Domain: This role will be joining the Transparency and Customer Protection unit in the Assembly department. The main activities relate to the assessment and monitoring of new regulatory requirements and amendments to those already in place. Supporting final procedures and controls. Consulting on banking and credit products. Requirements: Degree in law, economics or management engineering. At least 3 years of experience in external audit firms and in corporate control functions. Excellent knowledge of Italian, European, English and office banking regulations.
  • Compilation of specialized investment services, Experienced, Milan, Compilation Department: The Investment Services unit is tasked with monitoring and identifying the external rules applicable to the Bank on an ongoing basis. Other activities required in this role while the requirements relate to a degree in economics or law, knowledge of the office and the English language. To fulfill this role, one must also have knowledge of financial and insurance sector regulations and financial and investment products.
  • IT risk and compliance analyst, Milan office, experienced, ICT field and security office management: The unit is part of the ICT and security management team and will have to deal with different tasks: such as developing and updating the internal regulatory framework and highlighting new needs in the basis of legislative and technological changes . You will also have to cooperate with the control functions of the second and third levels. A minimum of 7 years of experience, framework knowledge, computer science or engineering degree and more is required. permanent contract.
  • Digital visual designer, Milan, Experienced Marketing, Advertising and Event Management The activities of this position relate to the development of graphic content for web and mobile. create illustrations and visual assets for social networks; Idea and animation content creation for a web portal; Video editing and graphics development for responsive landing pages and microsites. Experience in digital creativity (at least 5 years), knowledge of Adobe, organizational and proactive skills, and English language required.

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