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Find out what’s wrong with your refrigerator: without it, bills go down a lot

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p أخطاء errorsI It is common to do with our refrigerator, let’s see together how to save on the electric bill.

Fridge one of the devices Who consume more at homeFor this very reason, let’s start the article by talking about how important it is to pay special attention and when I chose the refrigerator To buy and choose where to place it.

Electricity saving refrigerator

You don’t need a refrigerator that’s too bigIf not to fill your bill, invest in quality: check out a poster Energy Efficiency And choose the first category, this will ensure that you spend less energy.

fridge location It’s not always an option, if you have enough space, consider these tips:

Keep the refrigerator away from heat sourcessuch as ovens, radiators, stoves, and stoves, this will help your refrigerator maintain an ideal temperature with minimal effort.

It would be ideal to keep it slightly separated from the wall to keep the air circulating. However, whether you need to change it or you already have a refrigerator in your home, I suggest you follow these eight tips:

Refrigerator: Tips for saving lighting refrigerator maintenance

Check the seals

If your refrigerator is old, check the rubber door seals for damage. You can do a quick test by placing a piece of paper between the gum and the refrigerator. If pulling the paper and the door closed makes it easy to remove, the seals should be replaced.

Keep it clean

Try to keep the back of the refrigerator clean of dust and dirt so that it does not cause performance problems. You can clean it with water and baking soda or even vinegar. Snow off.

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If you see frost on the walls of the refrigerator and / or freezer, remove it, as it significantly increases its consumption.

To remove it, it is necessary to remove all products from the refrigerator and disconnect them from the power supply until the frost melts, and then dry well. If the glacier is dry and connected to the stream it is repaired, then consider changing the seal or checking the door is working.

Set the appropriate temperature:

Generally the refrigerator temperature is 5°C and the freezer temperature is -18°C

Beware of hot doors and food

Do not leave the refrigerator door open for longer than necessary. Unfortunately, this is a bad habit that causes us to deflect the temperature from our refrigerator. Also take care to close the refrigerator properly, although it may seem obvious to you, it often happens to not be a distraction Close it properly.

Do not put hot food in the refrigerator or freezerbut wait until it cools to room temperature, so as not to overheat the refrigerator.

If you are on vacation For a few days, but you still have food in the fridge, you can put it in eco mode or vacation mode. If you go out for a long time, more than three weeks, you can unplug them completely to save money, as long as they are empty.

Do not fill the refrigerator to the limit

Since it is necessary for the cold to spread properly and perhaps, leave the water bottles inside, so that the refrigerator does not work by cooling only the air. One last little tip is to put the food in the exact location of each type of product. Thus, in addition to saving energy, you will retain food better and for a longer time.

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