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Filming of Season 2 episodes has been halted due to the fire

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There seems to be no peace for the filming of D’s second season Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. After the recent controversy over the death of one of the horses used in the set, Now Everything stopped because of a fire.

Foreign sources reported that production was halted due to a fire that broke out in a warehouse at the shooting site, at Bray Studios UK. Prime Video decided, not without some controversy from my representatives Peter Jackson Trilogyto move everything from New Zealand to England for this second season.

It is stated that the warehouse will be near the outer edge of the studios and that after the fire, Photography on set rings of power They had to stop for about an hour. No accidents have been reported to the crew and cast. Local firefighters issued a statement:

Firefighters equipped with independent breathing apparatus used three hose reels and a main jet to put out the flames. They remained in place for about four hours and 35 minutes. An investigation will be launched to find out the cause of the fire.

Meanwhile, he unveiled a new report Hollywood Reporter Analyze data on the disputed success of the first season. And according to Prime Video, it was a success: «this wanting to portray the show as less than a success It does not reflect any conversations we are having internallyannounce CEO Jennifer Salk.

However, the American newspaper has issued some statements that seem to indicate the opposite: in fact, it seems that Only 37% of American viewers will finish watching the first season – The percentage rises to 45% abroad. These numbers were not directly disclosed by the platform, but were obtained from anonymous internal sources. According to Amazon, rings of power seen before More than 100 million peoplewhich is their all-time ratings record.

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The second season will call for redemption, especially towards fans unhappy with how the adventures unfold Galadriel and company. In total, five seasons are planned, so will it be able to convince even the most skeptical?

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