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Film quotes on The Simpsons in the golden days | Blinks

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A user on Twitter is collecting all the quotes of movies that have appeared in them The Simpsons Over the years, and particularly in the first eight seasons, it has been considered the “golden age” of the series created by Matt Groening (who is popular and quality I went down after that). The Twitter thread contains very popular scenes from the early seasons of simpson, in which there are more or less explicit quotes from equally famous films, which perhaps not everyone has grasped: among other things, the famous scene Graduation Where Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) attempts to seduce Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman), the ambush in which Sonny Corleone (James Caan) is killed in Spiritual father, The famous chariot race Ben Hurwhich in Simpson Become a karting race between Bart and Nelson, and Marcellus Wallace in Marcellus Wallace’s version of Winchester Victon core. By clicking on the first tweet, you can see all the videos collected, here is a selection.

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